Visiting Radium? Don’t forget to Pack These 4 Hot Springs Essentials

resort community in radium hot springsSo, you’ve done it. You’ve booked an amazing mountain getaway. Maybe you’re staying at a resort community in Radium Hot Springs, or maybe you’ve found a rustic campsite perfect for getting closer to nature. Whatever style of stay you’re choosing, Radium Hot Springs has a variety of exciting activities that every visitor should enjoy, the most obvious being the hot springs!

Radium Hot Springs’ population swells to 5,000 in the summer months, but 800 residents stay year-round and many visitors come to enjoy Radium’s natural winter beauty. Whatever the season, if this is your first trip to a natural hot pool, be sure to not forget to pack the following four items so that you get the most out of your Radium experience.

  1. Reusable Water Bottles
    When traveling to a soaking destination, it can be easy to forget to bring the stuff you’re going to soak in! Remember, hot temperatures can lead to dehydration. Ensure that you bring along enough water bottles to keep you and the family hydrated while soaking in the springs.
  2. Sunblock
    Even if you’re visiting in the winter, or staying in a resort community in radium hot springs, you’re going to want protection from the sun. Skiers know that sunburn can occur even in the winter, especially with the UV rays reflecting off the snow. If you’ll be taking a dip in the hot pools, apply sunscreen as directed to protect your skin.
  3. Sandals or Flip Flops
    This is another oft-forgotten packing item in the winter months. The springs are kept between 37 and 40 degrees Celcius (98 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit), but the air and surrounding ground are often much cooler. You’ll want footwear when walking around or between the various warm pools. Whether you’re traveling to Radium Hot Springs in the summer or fall, be sure to not forget poolside footwear!
  4. Towels
    Again, this may seem like an obvious packing item. In fact, you may not even need to pack one in your suitcase or backpack– nearly every resort community in Radium Hot Springs offers towels to their guests! Just don’t forget to bring the towel to the springs. A soak in wonderfully warm water would be quite ruined if you had to walk back through the frosty night uncovered.

Whether you’re visiting Radium Hot Springs’ mineral pools in the spring, summer, fall or winter, be sure to keep these four essentials handy. We hope you enjoy your vacation!