We All Love Them: But How Do Hot Springs Form?

Hot springs are beautiful naturally occurring sources of rest and relaxation for humankind. Hot springs benefit our mental and physical health in many ways; between easing stress and bodily tension, everyone should experience the Radium Hot Springs resort if they’ve had a tough year so far.

In fact, the much-beloved resorts in Radium Hot Springs sprung up because of the discovery of the hot springs in 1913. But how do hot springs form?

A brief lesson in hot springs

A hot spring forms when groundwater is heated by geothermal heat. Geothermal refers to natural heat produced within the earth’s mantle. As the convection currents within the mantle move, the heat is pushed upward, slowly cooling as it gets closer to the surface. When water is in the earth’s crust, it is heated. The water then rises from the earth’s crust, usually forming hot pools from the earth’s crust cracking under the pressure. These springs are common in limestone formations since water easily erodes this type of mineral. Hot springs can benefit human bathing, however, some hot springs can be so hot, they can result in injury or even death.

Unfortunately, there is no universal definition for what we know as hot springs. Hot springs are technically considered any geothermal spring, but the hot springs we know and love are designed for human use at a suitable temperature.

Radium Hot Springs

The resorts in Radium Hot Springs were the result of the hot springs’ discovery in 1913. The odorless, mineral pools contained radium, giving the resort its well-known name. The Radium Hot Spring Resort is the perfect place for a relaxing vacation with the whole family. In fact, a study performed across the globe revealed that nearly 60% of people prefer to relax on vacation than partake in active excursions.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing dip in the resort community in Radium Hot Springs or you want fun things to do while you’re in British Columbia, Radium Hot Springs offers the best in summer and winter entertainment for the whole family. When you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, visit Bighorn Meadows today.