The Many Health Benefits of Radium Hot Springs

Our resort in Radium Hot Springs got its name from the open-air, odorless mineral pools that contained radium. The radium hot springs resort was discovered in 1913, and thousands of people now come every year to bathe in the warm waters surrounded by natural rock walls. Here are some of the many health benefits of going to a radium hot springs resort.

Increased blood circulation

The mineral-rich hot water of the natural springs increases your heart rate and hydrostatic pressure. Your cells will become oxygenated and your circulation is boosted when you go in the hot water. Increase blood circulation can also lower your blood pressure, which has many indirect positive impacts on your overall health.

Soothed muscles

Because of the extreme relaxation that will be discussed later, bathing in the hot springs results in a decrease of tension in any sore muscles you might have. Warming the body expands your blood vessels and relaxes your tired muscles. No matter what caused your muscle’s tension, the hot springs will relax, restore, and rehabilitate your aching muscles. The hot-cold cycle can also tone the skin and improve elasticity, which helps prevent cellulite.

Accelerated healing

Natural springs come from deep below the earth’s surface, and they are heated from the earth’s crust (geothermically). This means they have a high mineral composition that offers amazing remedial properties. Minerals in the springs like sulfur, silica, selenium, chloride, sodium, and radium pass through the surface of your skin where cells absorb their healing assets and sooth and hasten the healing process of certain disorders like eczema, psoriasis, rashes, and arthritis.

Relaxed state of mind

Finally, visiting a hot spring is incredibly relaxing. The tranquility of the hot springs calms your mind and nourishes your soul, reducing stress. It also helps you sleep better and fosters a sense of well-being.

If you’re looking for resorts that will give you health benefits, then Bighorn Meadows resort in Radium Hot Springs is the resort for you. You will leave with increased blood flow, soothed muscles, accelerated healing, and a relaxed state of mind. Year-round, there are just under 800 residents in Radium Hot Springs. In the summer months, though, the population swells to over 5,000, and now it’s no wonder why.