Bighorn Sheep Viewing


Bighorn Sheep Viewing

Fall is here and our local resident sheep have returned to their peaceful home on The Springs golf course along Bighorn Meadows Resort. These majestic animals symbolize the rugged beauty and wildlife of the Rocky Mountains. During the Fall, Winter and Spring months, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep of the Radium-Stoddart herd are frequently seen in the Village of Radium Hot Springs and on neighbouring low elevation benchlands.

In Summer, they graze the high mountain meadows of Kootenay National Park and have their young. Fall brings them back to into the Columbia Valley for the Winter. Every Fall the Radium Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce sponsors Head Banger Tours. The tours are cancelled for 2013, however, viewing the Bighorn Sheep banging heads may be seen throughout November by spotting them in the Village of Radium Hot Springs.

Quick Facts about Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep:

  1. mating time is November to December, head-on combat between rams is displayed
  2. female ewes resemble domestic goats with short horns
  3. male rams have large curved spiral horns
  4. eat mostly grasses
  5. prefer open grassland areas
  6. predators are wolves, cougar, grizzly bears and golden eagles