The Journey to your vacation home

One of the best experiences of owning a vacation property at Bighorn Meadows Resort is the drive that brings you here. You can easily turn your destination travel time into a discovery journey, each time you take the trip to Radium Hot Springs. Highway 93 runs through the centre of Kootenay National Park and boasts fantastic scenic drives, points of interest and hiking trails along the way that will surely enhance your trip!

Stretch your legs at the Paint Pots for a short 40 minute hike and discover iron-rich pools and ochre beds, culturally significant to indigenous people including the nearby Ktunaxa Nation. Or pack some snacks for a stop at McLeod Meadows picnic area before you set out on a 1.5 hour hike to Dog Lake. Leaving McLeod Meadows Campground the trail crosses two suspension bridges over the Kootenay River then takes a forested route to a scenic lake overlooked by peaks of the Mitchell Range. There are also plenty of day hikes that take you out to explore the beautiful areas of Kootenay National Park.

Another fascinating experience is learning about burgess shale. Did you know that you could hold a 500 million year old fossil in your hand? There are several family hikes to take you on this educational journey to discover ancient history.

Owning a Residence at Bighorn Meadows is not only about your relaxing, enjoyable experiences once you get to your “Happy Place”, but also the journeys along the way and around the area. Contact us today for ownership opportunities!

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