Owner Testimonials

Here are a few of the great things some of our owner’s have to say about purchasing property at Bighorn Meadows Resort.

Travel -made- easy makes Bighorn a favourite destination…just two hours away lies the stairway to heaven! From first class golf to relaxing views of The Springs Golf Course; from mountain vistas to mountain hikes; from nearby ski slopes to nearby boutique shopping; this resort has it all! Time for two or time for the whole family is always unsurpassed.

If, for some reason, another destination calls, you may trade your Bighorn unit for some of the finest in the world… the Marriot in Las Vegas and the Marriot in Palm Desert have been two of our favourites in a lifetime of international travel.

Norah Husband1/17 Share Owner

We have been visiting the Columbia Valley for 27+ years. We started with our honeymoon at Radium Resort and my first golf lesson. Coming to the valley yearly since. It only made sense to purchase here. Bighorn Meadows met and exceeded all our needs. Two years ago we renewed our wedding vows for our 25th anniversary with the ceremonies in our condo, how perfect. Numerous memories have and will continue to be made. Looking forward to all of them.

Leah Ann Vail1/8 Share Owner

We love the “entertainment” that is right in front of us – in the summer, it is fun to watch the golfers coming up the 9th hole. So many of them hit the water – we can see the splashes!!!
Our unit is on the ground floor, and we love the fact that we can play games on the grass in front of the unit. We play croquet and touch football.
We love the size of our unit. We have a 3BR and it is perfect for 2 families to vacation together.
We love the quaintness of Radium. We like to walk up to the candy store, the grocery store and Jacks.
In the winter, we love to see all the big horn sheep – especially on the golf course. We have seen hundreds of them in just one visit.
We love that there is so much to do close by. We like to go boating, golfing, whitewater rafting, horseback riding. For golf, Edgewater is a fun little par 3 and Spur Valley has a great breakfast and golf package.

Bev Livingston and Jim SuskeFractional Owners

We have been quarter share owners at Bighorn Meadows Resort since October of 2005. We originally purchased a 1/4 in the 200 bldg; it was brand new then. We have purchased an additional 2 quarters in the 800 bldg because we enjoy our time so much at BHM and the whole valley every time we come. Besides the golfing & skiing we always find things to do, or we just stay at the resort and enjoy our condo and the amenities on site. We did a lot of looking around in the valley before we purchased in the 800 bldg. We feel the condo units at BHM are the most spacious for the price and the location is one of a kind. Our visitors always mention how quiet and beautiful the location is. We have had only 1 experience with Interval International which was 1 year ago; we took our whole family (11 in total – 3 families) to Walt Disney World. Because we own a 3 bedroom unit in BHM, Interval said they could give us 3 one bedroom units in Orlando very close to WDW, which was a very satisfactory arrangement to us. When we arrived at the very lovely resort we found that each family had a 2 bedroom unit which slept 6 people each! Plus they were all located together. We were very pleased with our whole Interval experience! We are in the process of exchanging one of our units for a vacation in Hawaii this year.

Bruce & Marg Elliot1/4 Share Owners

Our first time going to Radium Hot Springs was last spring to see what all the fuss was about. We booked a 3 day weekend and before returning home, we had purchased a 1/17th ownership at Bighorn Meadows Resort. After a couple more visits, we loved it so much that we traded our unit in and now own 1/8th. Our children just love going there during all 4 seasons. Last month we decided to trade one of our winter weeks through Interval International, for a week in sunny California, and the trade was absolutely seamless. Our kids loved our California vacation but we’re no sooner home and they are saying “when are we going back to Radium Hot Springs”? They just can’t get enough of Bighorn Meadows Resort. Each morning that we wake up there is both refreshing and restful. There is nothing like the early morning mountain views, and the view of the golf course and, of course, the endless abundance of the Bighorn Sheep. It makes me wonder how we could have waited so long to own our vacation paradise.

Sue & Michael Barazzutti1/8th Fractional Owners

We like that we can come out to Bighorn and pick up our key at the office and enjoy a maintenance-free vacation that we own. When we are done our stay we don’t have to clean. All we do is return the key and leave until next time. We love owning at Bighorn!

Terry and Laura Hiner1/4 Share Owners

My partner and I purchased a fractional ownership share at Bighorn Meadows in Dec 2009. We have always loved going to the Columbia Valley throughout the year and now we have the benefit of staying at our own condo each time we go there. The drive is less than 3 hours from our home in Calgary to our home away from home and each visit to Bighorn Meadows leaves us both feeling refreshed and relaxed. It really is a natural high! The mountain and golf course views are amazing. Come to Bighorn Meadows to stay and play for a short or long break from the fast paced Alberta life style. You’ll enjoy every minute!

Pam HardingFractional Owner

I like that I can use my weeks to travel through Interval to other places in the world and still gain capital appreciation on the property at Bighorn. I have the timeshare advantage while owning deeded title real estate!

Gerry Degenhardt1/17th Share Owner

Our experiences as owners at Bighorn have been exceptionally rewarding ones since becoming owners in 2009. Enjoying the busy times at the Resort as well as the solitude of the off seasons; the walks and picture taking among the Big Horn Sheep; the sounds of the woodpeckers as they search the trees for food; fishing for my golf balls in the many ponds that adorn the golf clubs in the valley; the relaxing in the Hot Pool while the rising mists in February from the warm water turn the life guard’s chair and nearby fence into magnificent ice sculptures. We have also participated in II exchange program and traded our 2 bedroom which sleeps 6 for a 3 bedroom sleeping 12 in Branson, MO at the normal II exchange fee. We were able to experience a lovely week in Branson with 4 other couples taking in several shows (Andy Williams, Twelve Tenors, Texas Tenors, Daniel O’Donnell and many others).

Marilyn & Gordon Smythe1/8 Share Owners

When we are at Bighorn we feel like we are on vacation at a resort. It has that whole resort feel to it. It’s not just owning a piece of real estate. It’s a whole vacation experience.

Rob and Linda Kaiser1/4 Share Owners
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